Desiring to live by beliefs, by what standards should a male live his life? What kinds of person will he always be if this individual lived in every possible reverence according to these ideals? Every man, simply by his extremely nature, strives for values; ideals which are higher than his base norms of behavior, and which usually elevates him above the bottom instincts coming from all animals. Nevertheless sometimes the ideals which will he many loved in the day are no longer hold to be the top forms of person living. Their particular ardor at this point alternates among an obscure, romantic most suitable and the most natural, all-consuming hoping of all mankind; so that over the one day they are approved seeing that extravagance, in the next day they can be condemned simply because vanity.

It is actually this that chiefly forces man to morality, and it is this that constitutes the bigger intellectual level in human beings, above the level for which will mere pet dog instincts drive the action. Morality is definitely the attitude which human beings follow their numerous ideals. It is this that makes them aim at their enjoyment and at the pursuit of real truth. And it is this kind of that they will not cease right up until they have achieved it. They shall be active in the search for it, but actually will never cease to be attached to it.

They could attach themselves very firmly to a number of ideals; for example to the preferred of dealing with all human beings equally and fairly, or of loving and taking care of the poor as well as the needy. Or perhaps they may context poverty and meanness as evil and refuse to support them. Nonetheless they will be by no means, under any circumstances, prepared to give up the hold on these types of ideals. And it is the same frame of mind of the philanthropist, the moralist, the humanitarian education, that blows man to actively pursues his ethical and moral beliefs. When a gentleman actually and truly adopts the honest and ethical ideals, this individual ceases to become a philanthropist; he ceases as a moralist; and he starts to be only an active and responsive promoter of ideals. And it is only by appearing and reacting in this manner that he can help to improve the conditions of the humankind in existence.