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14 Right now (A) take the one that was (B) watery [a] in values, not [b] to own quarrels over belief. 2 (C) anyone possess confidence which he may eat-all factors, but the person who try (D) vulnerable consumes merely veggies. 3 the individual that takes is not to (E) regard with contempt the one who does not devour, as well one who doesn’t devour isn’t to (F) assess the one who takes, for Lord offers (grams) established him or her. 4 (H) who’re one choose the [c] servant of another? To his very own [d] master he appears or comes; so he will stand, when it comes to Lord could render your stand.

5 (we) anyone [e] ideals some day over the other, another [f] standards regularly equivalent. Everyone is (J) completely persuaded with his very own brain. 6 the person who observes the afternoon, observes it for your Lord, plus the an individual who eats, [g] do therefore with regard to the Lord, for he (K) gives courtesy goodness; and also the person who will not devour, actually the Lord that he don’t take in, so he offers because of God. 7 For not just one men and women (fifty) resides for himself, not one expires for himself; 8 for if we living, all of us dwell your Lord, or if we all pass away, most of us perish for any Lord; for that reason (meters) whether you real time or die, we are the Lord’s. 9 For to this end (N) Christ expired and resided once again, he could possibly be (O) Lord all of the lifeless as well as the lifestyle.

10 But for your, exactly why do we evaluate their twin or uncle? Or perhaps you also, exactly why do you (P) view the brother or cousin with disregard? For (Q) we’re going to all seem prior to the judgment seat of goodness. 11 for this is written:

“ (R) since I are living, states the father , (S) to Me every leg will bow , each and every tongue will [h] give encouragement to goodness .”

12 So then (T) every one of united states will provide an account of themselves to goodness.

13 Therefore let’s not (U) judge the other person any longer, but instead [i] establish this: (V) to not you need to put an obstacle or a stumbling-block in a brother’s or sister’s technique. 14 i understand and in the morning satisfied [j] for the Lord Jesus that (W) absolutely nothing is [k] unclean itself; but into the one that (by) believes a thing try [l] unclean, to this guy it’s [m] unclean. 15 For if since food your brother or relative is definitely injured, you are actually no further (Y) going for walks relative to enjoy. (Z) will not kill using your collection of snacks your face for whom Christ expired. 16 consequently (AA) do not allow what is for yourself the best thing be [n] talked of as wicked; 17 for land of Lord (AB) will never be consuming and drinking, but righteousness and (AC) silence and (post) happiness during the Holy Spirit. 18 your individual who (AE) functions Christ in doing this try (AF) acceptable to God and approved by some others. 19 So then we (AG) realize what exactly [o] that makes for serenity as well as the (AH) building up of a single another. 20 (AI) Refuse To grab over the operate of Jesus with regard to dishes. (AJ) everything indeed tend to be clean, but (AK) simply evil for all the person who consumes [p] to result in crime. 21 (AL) It is good to not take in chicken or to drink alcohol, and to do anything through which your friend or related stumbles. 22 The confidence that you’ve Korean dating, need [q] while your personal judgment of conviction before goodness. Proud would be the person who (in the morning) doesn’t condemn on his own in what he accepts. 23 But (AN) the one that fears happens to be bound if they eats, because his own ingesting isn’t from values; and whatever is absolutely not from belief is sin.