Nag Para Datacenter is one of the pioneers in providing e-commerce solutions to a wide range of clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The company has grown quickly from as being a small operation over 10 years ago. It has expanded by expanding its geographical focus and service offerings to even more global markets. With growth comes the expansion of business, development of employees, and expansion of services.

The organization continues to widen its system offerings by adding of new offices in Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia and Morocco. It also supplies support companies including web commerce solutions, web hosting, data centre style, customised webdesign, customer care, billing and support, protection solutions, shopping cart software, web development and maintenance, search engine optimisation, organization process integration, web marketing, web design and control, telecom centre of operations and warehousing. Most of these offerings are offered in the area where the firm has it is offices. During the past three years, it expanded further more into tactical economies of Morocco and Sierra Leone.

As the industry and business conditions become extremely volatile and unpredictable, stability is a crucial concern to get companies including Nag Para Datacenter. This is exactly why the company continue to be expand the regional existence and stand before new clients. This continues to devote heavily in the employees, and keeping its consumers happy through service improvements and product developments. Having its strong financial resources and a strong management staff, the company has the ability to withstand the pressure. The near future looks well lit for this company as it is constantly on the expand their business in new sectors of the Midsection East and North The african continent.